Narva Circuit Breaker H/D Manual Reset 60A

Narva Circuit Breaker H/D Manual Reset 60A $165.00

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Narva type III high Amp manual circuit breaker suitable for the marine environment.
Type III | Surface Mount | Splash Proof | 12-24V | -32 to 82°C.



Sealed for engine compartment or marine applications, with unique reset mechanism providing visible indication of tripped circuit.

  • If a fault is detected, the unit will immediately discontinue electrical flow; and a unique reset mechanism switch will activate providing visible indication of the tripped condition.
  • Type III circuit breaker
  • Suitable for 12 – 24v
  • Surface mount
  • Sealed outer casing
  • Splash and dust proof
  • Unique reset mechanism
  • Visible tripped indicator
  • Operating temperatures (-32°C to 85°C)