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Midland Pro24V Voltage Reducer


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Midland Pro24V converts 24V DC commonly used in Trucks & Machinery to 12V

Easy plug and play to allow safe use of 12v UHF radios in high voltage trucks and machinery. Also suits GME mobile UHF radios. With the included adaptor and fly lead, the PRO24V  suits all mobile UHF radios and other high voltage applications where reduction of power is required.

Plugs & adapters are included to suit GME & Uniden UHF radios. A universal flylead is also included for all other brands.

Oricom BSM888 Battery Sense Monitor


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This product is used to monitor the health of your vehicle’s battery, check vehicle cranking system automatically while engine is starting and check battery charging system (alternator).

Your driving log can be tracked which includes driving time and duration.

Connect Battery Monitor to the battery and download the App.

Using Bluetooth communication, you can now monitor your battery via your smartphone.

The Battery Monitor will send you a notification when you approach your vehicle.

It will help to prevent vehicle breakdowns and maximise the performance of your battery by giving you valuable information about the state of your battery.

This product is designed to be used on standard flooded type lead acid batteries.