Carling Technologies A-Series Magnetic Circuit Breaker 2-Pole 40 Amps

Carling Technologies A-Series Magnetic Circuit Breaker 2-Pole 40 Amps $110.00

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The A-Series hydraulic/magnetic circuit breakers are compact and temperature stable designed for precision operation in OEM markets requiring general purpose as well as full load amp applications.



Carling A Series circuit breakers are highly specified and used extensively by boat and ship builders, switchboard and panel manufacturers, marine electricians and engineers alike.

The standard range features the popular handle or lever actuator with a rocker actuator available to order.

A complete range of current ratings are available up to 50 Amps in both AC and DC dual curve ratings although special ratings and curves can be supplied to order.

This range is supplied with angled, screw type terminals suitable for both bus and ring terminal connection.The angled terminals provide easy access when the breakers are mounted in close proximity.


  • Interrupting Capacity: Maximum 3,000 Amps @ 250VAC, 65VDC
  • Insulation Resistance: 100M ohms


JPW SKU Rating Voltage
JPW12719 5 Amps 80VDC / 277VAC
JPW12720 10 Amps 80VDC / 277VAC
JPW12721 15 Amps 80VDC / 277VAC
JPW12722 20 Amps  80VDC / 277VAC
JPW12723 25 Amps 80VDC / 277VAC
JPW12724 30 Amps 80VDC / 277VAC
JPW12725 40 Amps 65VDC / 250VAC
JPW12726 50 Amps 65VDC / 250VAC