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Aquatic AV Bluecube6+ Hide Away Marine Stereo


From $51.51 a fortnight with

Looking for the best hide-away stereo with all the added features? The BLUECUBE6+ Stereo is our top of the line solution for quality sound, added features, and staying out of sight.

This source unit features Bluetooth Audio, MP3, USB and 288W Total Power – just to name a few!

Aquatic AV CP6 Waterproof Marine Stereo Compact


From $54.47 a fortnight with

The CP6 Compact Stereo is the perfect solution when quality is paramount, space is limited, and you’re looking for extra features.

This source unit features AM/FM radio, Bluetooth Audio, and USB media/charging; don’t let its size fool you, the CP6 delivers serious sound!

Aquatic AV DM6+ Digital Media Locker


From $73.24 a fortnight with

This locker fits most smartphones, including the newer, larger models. Simply insert your digital media device (iPhone, iPod, smartphone, USB, or MP3), close the door, and turn it on! Featuring FM Radio, 288W Total Power, Halo Aerial Technology, USB Charging, a Remote Control, and more.

Aquatic AV GP1 Waterproof Marine Stereo Gauge Size


From $48.81 a fortnight with

The GP1 Gauge Stereo is the perfect unit when space is limited or you’re replacing an existing standard, gauge-size unit in your dash/panel.

This source unit includes audio features such as AM/FM radio, Bluetooth Audio, and USB media/charging and more.

Aquatic AV SWA6+ Bluetooth and USB Stereo Subwoofer


From $96.77 a fortnight with

The SWA6+ Combine Stereo + Subwoofer will take your music to the next level. This unit features FM Radio, Bluetooth Audio, Halo Aerial Technology, 288W Total Power, Remote Control, has two 12V Triggers, and more.

Looking for more sound and extra features? Consider this stereo + subwoofer to build into your audio system.

Aquatic AV WR6 Wired Remote Control Waterproof


From $40.19 a fortnight with

The WR6 Wired Remote Control is a high-quality remote control designed to withstand the harsh conditions associated with marine and outdoor applications. When looking for a wide-range control in a compact space, this is the remote for you!



From $34.92 a fortnight with

12/24V Water/Dust Proof AM/FM Multimedia Player

The AT1900BT is an all terrain robust, weather resistant 12/24 Volt mechless AM/FM multimedia player with the added convenience
of Bluetooth. Designed for commercial & heavy duty applications including: trucking, construction, agricultural, mining, marine and off-road vehicles.