With our many years being passionate and being active in the ham radio and cb hobby we bring our knowledge and hands on to our customers.

Leading online store of communication equipment, mobile entertainment , road safety and Marine equipment.

Elite Communications & Electronics is becoming one of Australia’s leading online and in-store shop for car, 4×4, truck, machine, bus, marine, communication, eletronics, navigation, accessories and much more; accessing well over 2000 product lines developed by the most trusted brands in the industry. 

Our customers benefit from both unique online service using our customer friendly website and in-store friendly service that comes from years of customer service and  experience. Why not give us a call for a one-on-one chat or pop in store and let us help with your needs. 

Being a trusted online store for all of your Car, 4×4, Truck, Machine, Bus, Marine, Navigation Systems, Safety Equipment & much more. Browse our shop to find all of the latest products

Is there a product you cant find on our site ? send us a email with your requirements and we will do the best we can to source it for you.  

Other services we offer you further support our customers:

  • INSTALLATION – We just don’t sell the equipment we install too, 

With over 30 years of being involved and passionate about CB and ham radio hobby we bring our knowledge and hands-on experience for our customers so we can understand their needs. 

Our leading online store of communication equipment, mobile entertainment, road safety, marine equipment to mention a few gives the customer the ease of finding what you want and when you want it, we strive to provide our customers with 110% satisfaction from start to finish.