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Please Note Connect Plus(QA04396AB) Must Be Specified At Time Of Order. This Is A Factory Fitted SW Option Only


Battery Options

Impres UL Li-Ion Battery IP67 2500T

Impres Li-Ion Battery 3000T IP68 For Vibrating Belt Clip

Impres UL High Capacity Li-Ion Battery 2900mAh Low Voltage IP68 Standard
Battery Supplied with UL Models

Slimline Impres Li-Ion Battery 2100T IP68

Impres Li-Ion Battery 3000T IP68

Standard Impres Li-Ion Battery 2450mAh IP68



Antenna Options

VHF Helical Antenna (144MHz – 165MHz)

VHF Helical Antenna (136MHz – 155MHz)

VHF Helical Antenna (152MHz – 174MHz)

VHF Stubby Antenna (136MHz – 148MHz)

VHF Stubby Antenna (146MHz – 160MHz)

VHF Stubby Antenna 11cm (160MHz – 174MHz) No GPS

UHF Stubby Antenna (403MHz – 450MHz)

UHF Stubby Antenna (440MHz – 490MHz)

UHF Stubby Antenna (470MHz – 527MHz)

UHF Slim Whip Antenna (403MHz – 527MHz)

800/900mhz Short Whip Antenna (806MHz – 870MHz)

800/900mhz Whip Antenna (806MHz – 870MHz)



Audio Options

Core Earset D-Shell

Impres Temple Transducer

Core Ultra- Lite Headset

Wireless Bluetooth Pod, Belt Clip ANZ Charger

Earbud MagOne with Inline PTT

Small Remote Speaker Mic 3.5mm Jack

Impres Remote Speaker Mic 3.5mm Jack with Emergency Button

Submersible Remote Speaker Mic IP57

Impres Speaker Mic With Volume IP57

Noise Cancelling Impress Remote Speaker Mic 3.5mm Jack

Receiver Only Earpiece With translucent Tube

1 Wire Surveillance Kit – Black

2 Wire Smart Core

Impres Smart 2 Wire With Translucent Tube Black

Heavy Duty Headset Behind the Head NC Boom Mic In-Line Push To Talk

Wireless Bluetooth EP900w Earpiece Over the Ear (Swivel) with PTT on Boom

Surveillance Low Noise Kit

Surveillance Hight Noise Kit

Core Lightweight Headset

Ear Receiver With Coil Cable And 3.5mm Plug

1 Wire Earbud 29cm Cord – Black

1 Wire Earbud 116cm Cord – Black

Wireless Bluetooth Covert kit

Earpiece With 12″ Cable

Earpiece With 9.5″ Cable Wireless



Carry Options

Belt Clip 2″

Belt Clip 2.5″

Belt Clip Low Sit 2.5″

Vibrating Belt Clip For Battery PMNN4488

Belt Clip 1.5″

2.5 Inch Swivel Belt Loop

3.0 Inch Swivel Belt Loop

Hard Leather Carry Case 3 Inch Full Keypad

Hard Leather Carry Case 3 Inch No display

Hard Leather Carry Case 3 Inch Swivel Full Keypad

Hard Leather Carry Case 2.5 Inch Swivel Full Keypad

Hard Leather Carry Case 2.5 Inch Swivel No Display

Hard Leather Carry Case 3 Inch swivel No Display

Nylon Carry Case 3 Inch Full Keypad Fixed Belt Loop

Nylon Carry Case 3 Inch No Display Fixed Belt Loop



Charger Options

Impres Single Unit Charger

Impres Trbo 6 Way Multi Unit Charger with 1 LCD Display

Replacement Power Supply For Single Unit Charger

Impres2 Wall/Desk Mount 6-Way MUC Cradle

Impres Travel Charger



Accessories Options

Belt Waist Black

Universal Chest Pack

Weather Proof Baggie


Breakaway Chest Pack

Fanny Pack Carry Accessory

Generic Black Water Proof Bag

Screen Protector (Also available in packs of 25, 50, or 100)



Service Options

UHF CB Freqs License Key (Only for DP4601e and DP4800e/01/e)

Fitting Seal

Vac Pump Test Kit

Pressure Pump Test

Test Box Mobile/Portable

Connector Fitting

RF Adapter

RF Connector BNC-SMA

RF Adapter Holder

Battery Eliminator

Front Cover Kit DP4400

Front Cover Kit DP4401

Front Cover Kit DP4600

Front Cover Kit DP4601

Front Cover Kit DP4800

Front Cover Kit DP4801

Housing Kit DP4400e VHF and UHF

Housing Kit DP4801e VHF

Housing Kit DP4601e UHF

Housing Kit DP4800e UHF

Housing Kit DP4801e UHF

Channel Knob

Volume Knob



Additional information


VHF 136Mhz – 174Mhz, UHF 403Mhz – 527Mhz