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Battery Options

Non-Impress Li-Ion Battery 1700T IP67

Impress Li-Ion Battery 3000T IP68

Impress Li-Ion UL Battery 2900T IP68 (Only for use with DP3661e)



Antenna Options

VHF Stubby Antenna (136MHz – 148MHz)

VHF Stubby Antenna (146MHz – 160MHz)

VHF Stubby Antenna 11cm (160MHz – 174MHz) No GPS

UHF Stubby Antenna (403MHz – 450MHz)

UHF Stubby Antenna (440MHz – 490MHz)

UHF Stubby Antenna (470MHz – 527MHz)



Audio Options

2 Wire Surveillance Kit, Black (Replaces PMLN5724)

2 Wire Surveillance Kit, Beige

Earpiece In-Line Mic PTT, Swivel, Mag One

Heavy Duty Head set, Noise Cancelling, In-Line PTT

Earset With Boom Mic, Mag One

Earbud With In line Mic PTT Mag One

Motorola Light Weight Headset (Includes Foam Earpiece and Diffuser

Large Impres Noise Cancelling Remote Speaker Mic 3.5 Jack

Small Impres Remote Speaker Mic 3.5 Jack

Small Remote Speaker Mic, IP57

Remote Speaker Mic Small 3.5 Jack No Emergency

Receiver Only Earbud For Remote Speaker Mic

Receiver Only Earpiece With translucent Tube

Ear Receiver With Coil Cable And 3.5mm Plug



Carry Options

Nylon Carry Case With 3″ Belt Clip (For Std Battery)

Nylon Carry Case With 3″ Belt Clip (For HiCap Battery)

Plastic Carry Holder With Belt Clip (Replaces PMLN6545)

Replacement Belt Clip For Holster

Carry Case Heavy Duty Leather with Strap for Non LCD



Charger Options

Waris Impres Single Unit Charger

Impres 6 Way Multi Unit Charger, No Display

Insert For Multi Unit Charger WPLN4215/4222

Insert For Multi Unit Charger WPLN4190/4195



Service Options

UHF CB Freqs License Key (Only for DP3661 model)

Fitting Seal

Vac Pump Test Kit

Pressure Pump Test

Test Box Mobile/Portable

Connector Fittings

RF Adapter Holder

RF Adaptor

RF Connector BNC-SMA

RF Cable

Front Cover Kit

Channel Knob

Volume Knob

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VHF 136Mhz – 174Mhz, UHF 403Mhz – 527Mhz