Mobile One – Monster Stick 44″ Long 27MHz CB Antenna – DX540KIT3

Mobile One - Monster Stick 44" Long 27MHz CB Antenna - DX540KIT3 $229.00

From $34.72 a fortnight withInfo


Description: DX540AS + SSU + SAMS + C3.6PL
Length: 1135mm
Base Fitting: 1/2″ BSW
Tuning: Adjust Tune
Frequency: 27MHz CB
Bandwidth: 1.5MHz
Max Power: 300Watts

Recommended Accessories – SAM Mount with C3.6PL or SAMS, Spring SS, SSL or SSU and BBB for Bull Bar mounting.

NOTE: Recommend heavy duty polyolefin rubber coating for off road and other applications where the antenna may brush or strike objects.

NOTE: The DX540 Range are standard as black PVC coated, But if you prefer a white or black Polyolefin coating for extra, extra strength just add $20 to the overall cost.