Mobile One – Super Skipwhip 70″ Long 27MHz CB Antenna – DX270AKIT3

Mobile One - Super Skipwhip 70" Long 27MHz CB Antenna - DX270AKIT3 $253.00

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Description: DX270AS + SSU + SAMS + C3.6PL
Base Fitting: 1/2″ BSW
Tuning: Cut to Tune
Frequency: 27 MHz CB
Bandwidth: 1.9 MHz
Max Power: 2kW

This 70” Super ‘Skipwhip’ antenna is wound with heavy duty copper braid which guarantees a very broad band coverage of over 1 MHz under 1.5:1 It is factory tuned @ 26.5 MHz with a cut to tune option if required. The copper winding is covered with a marine grade Epoxy coating and then covered with high quality UV resistant Polyolefin Heat shrink. Suitable for all Environmental exposure including marine and this product is now unconditionally warranted for 10 years !

Each antenna COMBI-kit is supplied with a FREE C3.6PL Coaxial lead with connectors fitted (valued@$25)
The DX270AS range are Available in BLACK or WHITE Polyolefin.