Oricom ANU200 6.5dBi UHF CB Antenna

Oricom ANU200 6.5dBi UHF CB Antenna $109.95

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A 6.5dbi antenna with elevated feed, counter balanced spring and solid black fiberglass whip. The counter balanced spring is designed to absorb the vibrations from the engine and/or rough corrugated roads for better performance.
This unit include 4.5m of low-loss coaxial cable and a PL259 connector.

This antenna configuration is by far the most popular on the Australian market. Ideal for use in off-road conditions with four-wheel drives, or for vehicles with diesel engines.

This antenna allows for a variety of mounting options from bullbar, gutter to wing mount. A specific bracket will be required depending on the mounting option chosen (bracket not supplied). The 6.5dBi high-gain low SWR antenna gives the best “all-round” transmit and receive performance.

Length including spring and base: 83cm

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ANU200 Key Features:

      • Ground Independent
      • Solid Construction
      • Interchangeable Top Antenna
      • 4.5m Of Cable + PL259 Connector
      • Stainless Steel, PVC & Brass
      • 6.5dB gain
      • SWR < 1.5 to 1 over 12Mhz
      • No tuning Required

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