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Take the world with you! 

The NRG Vault portable power station is a reliable and versatile source of energy that can be used for a wide range of off-grid applications. It features a high-capacity battery array that can power and charge multiple devices simultaneously for extended periods of time.
These PV1500 portable power packs will come in handy during a variety of situations, including power outages, emergency events, powering tools at the worksite, or even use the portable lithium battery pack for outdoor activities like camping, and much more. NRG Vault’s PV1500 power does not emit any smell, or exhaust fumes like traditional power generators and are also ultra-quiet, so you’re free to use them anywhere including indoor environments such as tents, caravans, or even at home to power your everyday devices and household appliances.
Featuring 4 AC outlets, 2x USB-C and 4x USB-A ports, and DC ports, the PV1500 can be used to power and charge a wide range of devices, including laptops, smartphones, cameras, and even small to large appliances. They also provide an environmentally friendly energy source as you have an option to keep your lithium power station recharged using only solar power.
Using Pure Sine Wave output the PV1500 delivers a smooth and continuous power supply that is essential for sensitive electronic devices and guarantees they are charging just as they would from a regular home wall socket. This helps your devices work efficiently and without any interference, safeguarding their long-term performance and stability.
With a durable and rugged design, the PV1500 portable power stations Are designed for the outdoors using quality construction techniques and strong durable materials. They are also designed to be readily portable with a robust carrying handle and an industrial form factor, making it perfect for the worksite, camping, outdoor activities or for general everyday use. NRG Vault makes it easy to take your world with you, wherever you go.
Key features
  • LiFePO4 Battery (Safe lithium battery) – NRG Vault has the safest lithium battery on the market, with over 4 times the life of a standard lithium battery and lasts up to 5 times longer than Lithium-Ion batteries. The NRG Vault charges to 85% in under 90 minutes and has more cycle charges, with LiFePO4 being rated for more than 2500 charge cycles and can discharge to 0%.
  • Smooth Power Delivery (Pure Sine Wave power output) – Produces a steady, continuous wave of power with minimal interference (without the damaging effects of a modified or distorted sine wave). This makes the NRGVault ideal for sensitive electronics such as laptops and well suited to appliances such as microwaves, fridges, and compressors.
  • Multiple Power Outlets (Power everywhere and anything) – An enormous range of connectivity options (including PD100W on Type C) lets you recharge everyday portable devices like smartphones and cameras to power large household appliances like desktop computers, and fridges. With 4 x AC Output Ports, 4 x USB-A with Quick Charge 3.0, 2 x USB-C with 100W Power Delivery, 12V Car Socket Output and 12V DC Output ports, you have the freedom and power capacity to run almost any device.
  • Detailed LCD Screen (A wealth of information) – You’re in charge. Always know how much power you have left, how much power is going in, what is being powered and how much power it is using.
  • Solar panel charging (Power from the Sun) – With the addition of a solar panel you can harness the power of the sun, power and recharge the NRG vault anywhere you go. This makes the NRG Vault an excellent power option for caravanning or camping or simply reducing your carbon footprint for daily use.


Battery Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)

Model: 32700 3.2V/6000mAh x 64

Battery Management System Under/Over Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Overcharging Voltage Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Overload Protection.
Capacity 1228Wh (25.6V/48Ah)
Charging Input Wall Charge – 220-240V/50Hz, Max 1000W

Vehicle Charge – DC Port – 12-30V, 7A, 200W

Solar Charge – XT60 PortL 12-30V, 10A, 300W

Charging Time 1.5 hours (AC)
Dimensions 350 x 220 x 313 mm
Housing ABS+PC
Lifecycle 2500 cycles to 80%
Operating Temperature 0~40°C
Output 2 x USB – C – PD 100W [1] – (5V/9V/12V/15V/3A, 20V/5A, Max 100W)

4 x USB A – QC3.0 [2] (5V/3A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A), Max 18W

2 x DV5521 – 13.6V/8A. Max 108.8W

12V Car Socket Connector – 13.6V/ 8A Max, 108.8W

4 x AC – AC: 220-240V~ 50Hz, Rated Power: 1500W, Peak Power: 2000W 1s

[1] PD 100W = USB-C Power Delivery can deliver up to 100W of power

[2] QC3.0 = Quick Charge 3.0 can charge devices up to 4 times faster than conventional charging

Output Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Solar Charging Yes, Supports Solar Power MPPT charging
Standby Time Recommend: Recharge every 3 months

Required: Must be recharged every 6 months

Storage Temperature Normal indoor storage temperature. Recommended storage temperature: 0 ~ 25°C (Range)
Working Humidity 20%~90%, No condensation at 20-90% of humidity
Weight 15.8 Kg


Product Accessories

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