Mobile One M40-1AS Length 1800mm Frequency 7 to 7.40MHz

Mobile One M40-1AS Length 1800mm Frequency 7 to 7.40MHz $149.00

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The M40-1AS is a heavy duty solid fiberglass antenna that is 13mm thick and wound with .315 mm enameled wire, wound in such a way that the indivudual turns are spaced that they do not touch each other and so still providing a very low SWR but a much wider bandwidth and a much higher power rating of around 300Watts +

The M40-1AS can be easily tuned anywhere around the 7MHz band and with longer steel rods even lower

The M40-1AS can be used as a dipole on a mast with SAM base and another M40-1AS

Base Size 1/2″ BSW

Length 1800mm

Frequency 7 to 7.40MHz

Bandwidth 160kHz < 1.5:1 SWR

Power Rating 300Watts

These Antennas are very heavy, they require to be mounted onto a secure mounting such as a Bull Bar or equivalent

The Hamtenna is made so that the windings are tight but have a tiny gap between each coil, this makes an antenna with a very low SWR but also give the antenna a wider bandwidth with a greater power rating, this means that when pushing 100’s of watts through the antenna there is less chance of a hot spot burning the antenna out.