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Make way for Laser Headphones Stereo Kids Friendly Blue – the music gear for quality sound.

Built for young users, it hits the sweet spot between high performance and flattering elegance.

Stunning design:

Feast your eyes on a sleek, ergonomic, and practical design created to captivate. The metal wire frame and a plastic polymer body look great, feel good and last long. Both the body, and frame are built to survive rough treatment that kids usually subject gadgets to. The 1.2-meter tangle-free nylon cable is equally resistant yet soft and safe for kids aged 5 and above.

Comfort redefined:

Put to past the irritation and itching so common with run-of-the-mill headphones. The over-ear soft padded cups ensure a perfect fit and convenience even when used for hours at a go. With 2.8 inches adjustable headband, the headphones fit different ages, from kids to teenagers. It’s normal for even adults to be tempted to use headphones as well.

Portability ensured:

The dimensions, 180 x 75 x 180, are ideal for small heads but work well with larger heads too. The headphones are also lightweight, meaning your child won’t feel the burden on their neck or in their bag. Your kid can thus use it at home, school or even on the go. With Pink, Blue, White, and yellow color options readily available, let your kid choose the one that suits their taste.

High on Performance:

With Laser Headphones Stereo Kids Friendly, performance comes in a tidy pack. The universal 3.5 mm jack ensures compatibility with portable music players, gaming devices, PCs, select smart phones, and the likes. The soft padded cushion afforded by the on-ear design cut down the intrusion of surrounding noise. That translates into superior sound that thrills.

Care for tender ears:

The built-in volume limiting device makes the headphone stand out. The upper volume level is deliberately limited to around 85 decibels. The sound will never be too loud no matter what it’s plugged into. Equivalent to an airplane rumble or traffic noise on a busy road, the decibel levels are safe for tender ears. Breathe easy; your kid is spared from the ramifications of loud sounds.

Possibilities galore:

Together, the hi-fi stereo sound, a fine, ergonomic design and 3.5 mm audio jack opens possibilities galore for your child to learn and stay entertained. Online learning, listening to favorite tracks, watching movies, or indulging in gaming, the possibilities are simply endless.


  •  Universal Stereo headphones built to last and perform
  •  Metal wire frame and plastic polymer body
  •  On ear design with padded ear cushions
  •  Adjustable headband for comfort and suitability
  •  Volume protection to prevent ear strain
  •  Pink, Blue, White, Yellow colors available
  •  Universal 3.5mm audio plug for wider compatibility
  •  Ideal dimensions for small heads and portability
  •  Extensive 1.2-meter cable length
  •  Tested to exacting safety standards
Connection Type 3.5mm Audio Jack
Cable length 1.2M
Weight 0.16
Product Dimensions 180 x 75 x 180
EAN barcode 9335432013252
3 key feature benefits 1: Adjustable headband for comfort 2: Volume protection to avoid ear strain 3: Universal 3.5mm audio plug


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