Icom IC-F5123D 25 Watt, VHF Mobile Transceiver (Digital)

Icom IC-F5123D 25 Watt, VHF Mobile Transceiver (Digital) $715.00

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IC-F5123D 25 Watt, VHF Mobile Transceiver (Digital)


Includes: Microphone (HM152), Microphone Hanger, DC Cable, Mounting Bracket Kit & Key Assign Stickers


• IDAS™ conventional and IDAS™ single-site trunking compatible (NXDN™ CAI- based)
• 450-520 MHz
• Digital functionality built-in. No option unit required
• Max. 128 channel memory channels with 8 zones
• 8 character alphanumeric display
• Multiple analog signalling modes built-in 2-Tone^, 5-Tone^, CTCSS^, DTCS^, MDC 1200*^ and BIIS 1200*^ (* Limited functions only, ^ Analogue mode only)
• 4W (typ.) front mounted speaker and independent volume knob
• Talk back function and call mode selection
• Optional OPC-2078 D-SUB 25-pin ACC cable for GPS receiver connection
• MIL-STD-810-F rugged body


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  • Instruction Manual