ICOM GM600, GMDSS VHF Mobile Transceiver with Class A DSC Marine Radio

ICOM GM600, GMDSS VHF Mobile Transceiver with Class A DSC Marine Radio $1,795.00

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GMDSS VHF Mobile Transceiver with Class A DSC Marine Radio


The latest GMDSS functionality in a user-friendly package

The Icom GM600 GMDSS VHF Transceiver is a GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) VHF radiotelephone which can be used as a part of GMDSS system equipment required by SOLAS or many domestic maritime regulations. When installed with the GM800 MF/HF radio, GM600 and GM800 radios provides an ideal GMDSS VHF, MF and HF radio station.

Meets MED “Wheel Mark” Requirements
The GM600 meets the Marine Equipment Directive on European marine equipment requirements and has passed rigorous environmental testing and quality assurance process. The GM600 is designed to provide reliable operation and long-lasting durability under harsh maritime environments. In fact, the front panel has IPX7 protection (1m depth of water for 30 minutes) and the rear panel has corrosion resistance coating.

Meets ITU-R M.493-13 DSC
The built-in DSC provides automated distress and safety communication. The dedicated DSC watch-keeping receiver continuously monitors the DSC calling channel (CH70). A total of 100 MMSI numbers for DSC call (Individual ID: 75, Group: 25) can be stored with a 10-character ID name. Using the DSC Task mode provides straight-forward DSC operation.

4.3 inch Wide Viewing Angle Colour TFT LCD
The 4.3 inch colour TFT LCD provides almost 180 degree very wide viewing angle and displays high resolution characters and function icons. Even when the radio is installed to the instrument panel, the operator can clearly recognise the display information from various viewing angle. The night mode display ensures good readability in a dark place.

Provides Loud, Clear Audio
The GM600’s internal speaker enhances intelligibility of received calls. By adopting a new waterproof paper speaker cone, the speaker provides superior sound quality with a wide frequency range and a flat frequency response. In addition, the radio delivers powerful 10 W audio when connected to an external speaker.

Intuitive User Interface
A combination of the directional keypad and soft keys provides simple operation. The main 12 functions are assigned to soft keys (at the bottom of the display) and toggled with the left and right keys. The clearly labelled keypad provides straightforward entry. The CH16 button offers one-touch access to the CH16.

Icom GM600 GMDSS VHF Transceiver Class A DSC Features:

  • GMDSS VHF Transceiver with Class A DSC
  • Meets ITU-R M.493-13 DSC
  • Meets MED “Wheel Mark” Requirements
  • 4.3 inch Wide Viewing Angle Colour TFT LCD
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • DC-DC Converter PS-310
  • IEC 61162-1 interface for GNSS receiver

Icom GM600 GMDSS VHF Transceiver Class A DSC Specifications:


  • Frequency range
    Tx: 156.025–161.600 MHz
    Rx: 156.025–162.000 MHz
    DSC: 156.525 MHz
  • Usable channels: INT channels
  • Type of emission: 16K0G3E (FM), 16K0G2B (DSC)
  • Power supply requirements
    GM600: 13.8 V DC
    PS-310 #01 input voltage: 24 V DC (21.6–31.2 V)
    PS-310 #02 input voltage: 12 V DC (10.8–15.6 V)
  • Current drain (with PS-310 #01)
    Tx 25 W output: 3.3 A (approx.)
    Rx Max. audio: 2.0 A (approx.)
  • Operating temperature range: –15°C to +55°C
  • Antenna impedance: 50 Ω (SO-239)
  • Weight (approx.)
    GM600: 1600g
    PS-310: 930g
  • Dimensions (W×H×D) (Projections not included): 274 × 114 × 121.5 mm
  • IEC 61162-1 in/out format
    Input: RMC, GGA, GNS, GLL, VTG
    Output: DSC, DSE
  • IP Rating: IPX7 (1m depth water for 30 minutes) – only for front panel


  • Output power: 25 W, 1 W
  • Max. frequency deviation: ±5.0 kHz
  • Frequency error: Less than ±0.5 kHz
  • Spurious emissions: Less than 0.25 μW
  • Adjacent channel power: More than 70 dB
  • Residual modulation: More than 40 dB
  • Audio harmonic distortion: Less than 10% (at 1 kHz, 60% deviation)


  • Intermediate frequency: 30.15 MHz, 450 kHz (1st/2nd) | DSC: 46.35 MHz, 450 kHz (1st/2nd)
  • Sensitivity (20 dB SINAD): Less than –7 dBμ emf. typ. | DSC (1% BER): Less than –7 dBμ emf. typ.
  • Squelch sensitivity: Less than –2 dBμ emf
  • Adjacent channel selectivity: More than 75 dB | DSC: 73 dBμ emf
  • Spurious response: More than 75 dB | DSC: 73 dBμ emf
  • Intermodulation: More than 75 dB | DSC: 73 dBμ emf
  • Hum and noise: More than 40 dB
  • Audio output power (at 10% distortion)
    External speaker: 10 W (4 Ω load)
    Internal speaker: 2 W


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