Diamond MX-2000N Triplexer HF/144/430Mhz

Diamond MX-2000N Triplexer HF/144/430Mhz $159.00

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 Diamond MX-2000N Triplexer HF/144/430Mhz

    • Dimensions:86Wx25Hx64Dmm
    • Weight:360g
    • Pass Band Frequency:LPF/1.6 to 60MHz,BPF/110 to 170MHz,HPF/300 to 950MHz
    • Power :1.6-60MHz 800W (PEP),110-170MHz 800W (PEP),300-950MHz 500W (PEP)
    • Insertion Loss:1.6-60MHz Less than 0.15dB,110-170MHz Less than 0.2dB,300-950MHz Less than 0.25dB
    • Isolation:More than 60dB (In amateur band)
    • Impedance:50ohms
    • VSWR: Less than 1.2 (In amateur band)
    • Connector:MIX SO-239,50MHz PL-259,144MHz PL-259,430MHz N Plug
    • Coaxial cable:5D-2VS (35cm)



    Diamond Antenna Triplexers

    Diamond Antenna Triplexers are used to split or combine HF, VHF, and UHF signals. These triplexers may be used for combining three transceivers or transceiver connectors with different band ranges onto one coax feed line. Diamond triplexers feature a high-quality aluminum case with a black finish.


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