Benelec BWI900 Wireless Intercom (REL-Gateway use)

Benelec BWI900 Wireless Intercom (REL-Gateway use) $1,252.35

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Benelec Wireless intercom (REL firmware, allowing Relay of audio via the Benelec Gateway to a mobile radio) operates in the 915-928MHz band. IP65 Radio – Included accessories are: External short and long range Antennas, USB charge lead, carry case and 3 x Li-Ion Batteries. The Audio is accessed via the B4 audio port, a headset option is required to operate this intercom, and are sold separately.



BENELEC BWI900 4 Person Wireless duplex handheld radio pack

4 Person Wireless intercom IP65 Heavy duty, rugged and waterproof Intercom with Single Sided Ultra lightweight headset to suit BWI900


This portable radio offers full duplex audio with up to 10 users talking hands-free simultaneously.

Supports up to 1000M transmission range, while enjoying crystal clear audio with impressive noise cancellation circuitry.

The BWI900 digital portable radio operates at the 915MHz~928MHz frequency band and offers full duplex audio with up to 10 users talking hands-free simultaneously.

It also supports PTT simplex mode.

Up to 1000m transmission range between radios. It provides crystal clear audio with impressive noise-cancellation circuitry and is secured and protected by AES 128-bit encryption.
Heavy duty, and IP65 water resistant design.

This device comes with 3x batteries, a USB wall charger, and cable.
Each battery provides ~12 hours of use.

  • Full duplex audio with up to 10 users talking simultaneously.
  • Operational modes: Hands-Free Full duplex, PTT when PTT is integrated, and Listen Only
  • No base, unlimited listeners, Up to 1000M Transmission Range.
  • Super dynamic range of noise cancellation of 95dB, and minimal ambient audio interference.
  • 2x antenna options are provided for varying range requirements.
  • Includes 3x rechargeable Li-ion batteries, each battery provides ~12 hours of radio use.
  • The batteries are replaceable.
  • Includes USB charger as well as the ability to individually charge the device via USB cable.
  • AES 128-bit encryption is provided with each radio.
  • Each talk group is individually able to have separate encryption keys.
  • Includes rugged carry case with foam insert.
  • IP65 rugged and water-resistant design, including the detachable antenna.

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