Mobile One – Superspring Skipwhip 75″ Long 27MHz CB Antenna – DX270SSAMS

Mobile One - Superspring Skipwhip 75" Long 27MHz CB Antenna - DX270SSAMS $224.00

From $34.08 a fortnight withInfo


Description: DX270SS + SAMS + C3.6PL
Base Fitting: 1/2″ BSW
Tuning: Cut to Tune
Frequency: 27 MHz CB
Bandwidth: 1.9 MHz
Max Power: 2kW

A Heavy duty Cut to tune antenna, for broadband & high power use. This antenna is factory tuned to 26.900MHz

When mounted on a Bull Bar this antenna usually does not need to be tuned however its always inportant to test the antenna

Available in a BLACK or WHITE Polyolefin Coating.

Incorporating as an integrated part  of the antenna,  a heavy duty spring, to absorb any vibration from the vehicle. 
26MHz to 28MHz Broadband CB Antenna, no tuning necessary when on a Bull Bar


Buy the KIT with a whip + a Base and the C3.6PL lead comes FREE

Recommended Accessories –

SAM Mount with C3.6PL or SAMS, Spring SS, SSL or SSU and BBB for Bull Bar mounting.