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Complete a wall mounted TV’s display with The Laser Universal Soundbar Bracket.

This bracket lets you mount a soundbar above or below an already mounted TV providing a much sleeker and professional look to your entertainment setup.

Installation is easy with no drilling of holes required or time spent on complicated instructions. The universal design of the bracket allows compatibility with almost any brand of soundbar and by choosing placement above or below the TV you can configure the display to your liking or work around any space constraints.

The built-in tilt feature lets you angle the soundbar to maximize the listening experience adding to the configurability and polish of the overall solution.

Key Features

  • Maximum Adjustability – The bracket can accommodate soundbars with a length between 50.8 to 114 centimeters and a depth of 4 to 28 centimeters along with an adjustable height setting. This range of compatibility and adjustability allows for a snug fit when paring the sound bar with a mounted TV and provides a clean look no matter what combination of equipment is fitted. The 10 degrees of tilt flexibility lets you angle the soundbar for better sound projection.
  • Ultimate Compatibility – The adjustable length and depth features provide the ability to fit many different makes and models of soundbars giving you the freedom to choose from a vast range of available types. VESA compliance provides universal compatibility with the largest range of TV mounting solutions on the market for ease-of-use and convenience.
  • Safe & Secure – The strong steel construction of the bracket combines with a non-slip base to provide a safe and sturdy platform for any mounted equipment. Adaptability and strong grip will ensure the soundbar will not tip over even when the bracket is tilted 10 degrees.

Warranty (Month) 120 Months (10 Years)


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