Heil HSTA iM Traveler Adaptors For iCOM Modular

Heil HSTA iM Traveler Adaptors For iCOM Modular $40.00

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Heil HSTA iM Traveler Adaptors For iCOM Modular

Heil Sound
Manufacturer’s Part Number:
Part Type:
Headset Adapter Cables
Product Line:
Heil Sound Headset Adapter Cables
Transceiver Cable End:
8-pin round
Compatible Transceiver Brand:
Sold individually.

Additional Information

Fits Headset Model Fits Radio Model
Traveler dual IC-718
Traveler dual IC-7200
Traveler dual IC-735
Traveler dual IC-7410
Traveler dual IC-745
Traveler dual IC-746
Traveler dual IC-746PRO
Traveler dual IC-751
Traveler dual IC-756
Traveler dual IC-756PRO
Traveler dual IC-756PROII
Traveler dual IC-756PROIII
Traveler dual IC-7600
Traveler dual IC-761
Traveler dual IC-7700
Traveler dual IC-775
Traveler dual IC-7800
Traveler dual IC-781
Traveler dual IC-7850LE
Traveler dual IC-7851
Traveler single
Traveler single IC-718
Traveler single IC-7200
Traveler single IC-735
Traveler single IC-7410
Traveler single IC-745
Traveler single IC-746
Traveler single IC-746PRO
Traveler single IC-751
Traveler single IC-756
Traveler single IC-756PRO
Traveler single IC-756PROII
Traveler single IC-756PROIII
Traveler single IC-7600
Traveler single IC-761
Traveler single IC-7700
Traveler single IC-775
Traveler single IC-7800
Traveler single IC-781
Traveler single IC-7850LE


Heil Sound Headset Adapter Cables

Heil Sound Headset Adapter Cables are used to interface your Heil headset to your favorite transceiver.

Heil AD-1 series headset radio cables are required for Heil boom microphone headset models including PROSET Elite, PROSET, the original and reintroduced PRO-MICRO series, the lightweight, yellow BM-17 series and BM-10 series headsets, and the legacy PROSET PLUS. These cables support all of the Heil Sound Headsets that feature a 3.5 mm (1/8 in. miniature phone) mono connector for the microphone audio. Each has a female 1/4 in. mono dongle connector on a short wire for PTT keying foot switch or hand switch connection.

NOTE: These Heil Headset Adapter Cable assemblies handle mic audio and keying, NOT the headphone audio. The stereo male plug on your headset cable connects directly to your transceiver headphone jack, not to the AD-1 series adapter cable. Headsets typically include stereo 1/8 in. (3.5mm) to 1/4 in. (6.35mm) headphone audio adapters.

All Heil Headset Adapter Cables use commercial-grade microphone connectors with dual-exit cable clamps that are much heavier than the normal CB-type connectors that the industry had been forced to use for decades. If you have several brands of transceivers, individual adapter cables may be connected to each radio, so you may quickly and easily move your Heil boom microphone headset from one transceiver to another, without having to remove any connectors from the transceivers. All Heil audio cables are wired through to support VOX operation. Heil Sound Headset Adapter Cables are available in 4-pin and 8-pin round connectors, and 6-pin and 8-pin modular-style connectors.

HSTA series Headset Adapter Cables were specially designed for the legacy Heil TRAVELER Headsets that were discontinued and are no longer available. Some of the presently available adapter cables feature an extra wire and connector to go to the transceiver external speaker connector, for those radios where receive audio is not provided on the microphone connector. On transceivers that support them, the special UP-DOWN buttons on the TRAVELER Headset cables are connected with these cables.


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