Heil CC-1-XLR-K Sound Microphone Adapter Cables

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Heil CC-1-XLR-K Sound Microphone Adapter Cables

Heil Sound Microphone Adapter Cables

Superior-quality Heil Sound Microphone Adapter Cables, CC-1 series, are used to connect your Heil microphone to your favorite transceiver. There are two types of cables available for the two types of Heil microphones, 4-pin XLR and 3-pin XLR. Both adapter cable types feature the PTT mono 1/4 inch (6.35mm) jack at the transceiver mic connector for a foot switch or hand switch. Heil Sound Microphone Adapter Cables are available with round 8-pin, round 4-pin and 8-pin modular-style connectors for most transceivers.

Most Heil Microphone adapter cables feature the special 4-pin XLR connector to serve the Heil microphones that have a built-in PTT switch. They work with the Classic, Goldline, GM, HM-12 Genesis, Handi-Mic, HM-10XD and HM-10 microphones. Use of an external foot or hand switch is optional.

Conversely, the cables with the letters “XLR” in the part number have the audio industry standard 3-pin XLR microphone connector. These cables are required for the “PR” PRO Series microphones such as the PR-20, PR-28, PR-40, PR-781 and several others. Since these mics have no PTT switch, they require the use of an outboard hand or foot switch connected to the adapter cable PTT jack.

Features and benefits of Heil Microphone Adapter Cables compared to others:

* 100 percent silver-braid shield… keeps noise OUT
* PTT control lines are OUTSIDE the shield… eliminates stray coupling
* Made using commercial-audio grade ‘Heilwire’… strong and supple
* 18-gauge wire; not 22 or 24 like others… lower cable resistance
* Commercial-grade microphone connectors (patent pending)… lasting durability
* Heil dual-exit cable clamps are heavier than normal connectors… robust reliability
* Outstanding engineering… lowest-noise transmit audio

The XLR connector’s quick-disconnect feature lets you easily move your Heil microphone from transceiver cable to transceiver cable, at the microphone end, without having to rewire a boom or remove any connectors from the transceivers. Additionally, all Heil audio cables are wired through to support VOX operation.

Don’t attach a high-quality microphone to cheap cable! Order your Heil Sound Microphone Adapter Cables from DX Engineering and transmit the best audio possible!

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