Cushcraft TEN3 HF Beam Antenna 3 Element 10M Yagi Antenna

Cushcraft TEN3 HF Beam Antenna 3 Element 10M Yagi Antenna $825.00

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Cushcraft TEN3 HF Beam Antenna 3 Element 10M Yagi Antenna

Manufacturer’s Part Number:
Part Type:
HF Yagi, HEXX Beam and Rotatable Antennas
Product Line:
Cushcraft HF Beam Antennas
HF Beam Antenna Type:
HF Beam Antenna Band Coverage:
10 meters
HF Beam Antenna Elements:
HF Beam Element Material:
Aluminum tubing
Antenna Power Rating:
1,500 W
Beam Antenna Boom Length:
8.00 ft.
HF Beam Antenna Boom Diameter (in.):
1.250 in.
HF Beam Antenna Longest Element:
18.00 ft.
Beam Antenna Turning Radius:
9.80 ft.
Effective Moment (approximate):
97 ft. lbs.
Mast Mounting Clamp Minimum:
1.250 in.
Mast Mounting Clamp Maximum:
1.875 in.
Wind Surface Area:
2.240 sq. ft.
Feedpoint Impedance:
50 ohm
Antenna Feedline Connection Type:
UHF female, SO-239
Antenna Weight:
9.90 lbs.
Sold individually.
HF Beam Antenna Bands:
10 meters
Beam Antenna Gain:
8.0 dBi
Beam Antenna F/B (dB):
Over 20.0 dB
Bandwidth at 2:1 SWR:
1,500 kHz

Cushcraft HF Beam Antennas

Are you looking for a lightweight, economical alternative to the 10 meter big boys? Choose Cushcraft TEN3 10M Monoband Yagi Antennas. Popular with novices and technicians, these antennas are great for any ham who wants more gain and a good front to back ratio on 10 meters. They feature an 8 ft. boom (2.4M), making them easy to install on a very simple mount with only a light rotator. TEN3 beams feature Cushcraft’s proven Reddi-Match matching system for a 50 ohm, no balun feed with a built-in SO-239 connector. Make more positive contacts with Cushcraft TEN3 10M Yagi Antennas.