Cushcraft MA8040V 80/40M Vertical Antenna

Cushcraft MA8040V 80/40M Vertical Antenna $995.00

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 Cushcraft MA8040V 80/40M Vertical Antenna

  • Brand:
    Manufacturer’s Part Number:
    Part Type:
    HF Vertical Antennas and Packages
    Product Line:
    Cushcraft MA8040V Two-Band Vertical Antennas
    HF Vertical Antenna Type:
    Dual-band, resonant
    Vertical Antenna Height:
    27.00 ft.
    Antenna Power Rating:
    1,500 W
    Maximum Antenna Tubing Diameter:
    1.375 in.
    Vertical Antenna Mount Type:
    Non-tilt bracket
    Antenna Mount Operation:
    Non-tilt mount
    HF Vertical Antenna Mount Material:
    Vertical Antenna Mount Included:
    Mounting Clamps Included:
    Radial Plate Included:
    Radial Wire Included:
    UNUN Included:
    Antenna Tuner Required:
    Antenna Tuner Included:
    Antenna Feedline Connection Type:
    Stainless hardware
    Antenna Weight:
    9.00 lbs.
    Sold individually.
    Customer supplied radial wires recommended. A greater number of radials improves performance, but radial length is not critical for this ground-mounted vertical antenna installation.
    HF Vertical Antenna Mounting Position:
    Add Radials for Higher Performance:

    Additional Information

    HF Vertical Antenna Band
    80 meters
    40 meters


    Cushcraft MA8040V Two-Band Vertical Antennas

    Cushcraft MA8040V Antennas are compact, self-supporting HF vertical antennas that deliver DX-hunting on 80 and 40 meters.

    At only 27 ft. tall and weighing in at less than 9 lbs., they are small and light enough for one person to handle easily without assistance. Once installed, the MA8040V antennas virtually disappear against a backdrop of trees and foliage.

    Parallel resonators use a combination of inductive and capacitive top loading to deliver automatic band switching and good SWR on both bands. Designed to handle maximum legal power and built to last year after year, they’re a DX solution when the sunspots silence the higher bands. For compact 80 and 40 meter operations, consider one of these Cushcraft MA8040V Antennas

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