Cushcraft ASL2010 HF Beam Antenna 10/12/15/17/20M 8 Element Log Periodic

Cushcraft ASL2010 HF Beam Antenna 10/12/15/17/20M 8 Element Log Periodic $4,095.00

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Cushcraft ASL2010 HF Beam Antenna 10/12/15/17/20M 8 Element Log Periodic

Manufacturer’s Part Number:
Part Type:
HF Yagi, HEXX Beam and Rotatable Antennas
Product Line:
Cushcraft HF Beam Antennas
HF Beam Antenna Type:
Log periodic (LPDA)
HF Beam Antenna Band Coverage:
20, 17, 15, 12, 10 meters
HF Beam Antenna Elements:
HF Beam Element Material:
Aluminum tubing
Antenna Power Rating:
2,000 W
Beam Antenna Boom Length:
18.00 ft.
HF Beam Antenna Boom Diameter (in.):
2.000 in.
HF Beam Antenna Longest Element:
38.00 ft.
Beam Antenna Turning Radius:
19.30 ft.
Effective Moment (approximate):
1,062 ft. lbs.
Mast Mounting Clamp Minimum:
1.500 in.
Mast Mounting Clamp Maximum:
2.000 in.
Wind Surface Area:
10.100 sq. ft.
Feedpoint Impedance:
200 ohm
Antenna Feedline Connection Type:
UHF female, SO-239
Antenna Weight:
55.00 lbs.
Sold individually.
SO-239 connector on supplied 4:1 balun.
Beam Antenna Gain:
6.4 dBi
Beam Antenna F/B (dB):
15.0-20.0 dB
Bandwidth at 2:1 SWR:
18.5 MHz

Additional Information

HF Beam Antenna Bands
20 meters
17 meters
15 meters
12 meters
10 meters


Cushcraft HF Beam Antennas

Cushcraft ASL2010 Skylog Antennas are some of the most cost-effective, high-gain, 5-band beam antenna solutions on the market today. Skylogs offers the continuous operation of a log periodic antenna from 13.5 to 32 MHz. Antenna gain and beam width are constant for uniform coverage from 20 through 10 meters. Skylogs are rated for continuous duty at full legal power and are designed for maximum gain on a manageable 18 ft. boom with only 10.1 sq. ft. of wind surface area. All stainless steel hardware and a rugged element design are only a few of the many features that provide years of superior antenna performance. Cushcraft ASL2010 Skylog Antennas are the smart choice for multi-band HF operation.

Cushcraft ASL2010 Skylog Antennas features include:

* Continuous, 5-band coverage, 13.5-32 MHz
* Consistently low SWR over entire frequency range
* 6.4 dBi gain, 65 degree beam width
* 18 ft. boom and 19.5 ft. turning radius
* High-efficiency design, antenna stays cool, and SWR steady